Demo Reel

This page contains a selection of videos from projects that I have worked on.

3D Game-Ready M1911-A1 Pistol
I created this M1911 to practice modeling and texturing firearms. The model has a fully animated chamber with rounds in the magazine.

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: A real-time 3D environment
In March 2010 I was contracted by the Leadwerks Corporation to design a large scale environment for the Leadwerks real time game engine. The purpose of this environment is to showcase the many features of the Leadwerks engine with consistant, next-gen artwork.

Paradise Map Trailer
In July 2008, 'Paradise' was awarded the grand prize in the official World in Conflict Map Making Contest, which was sponsered by Massive Entertainment and nVidia. Paradise, along with my earlier map "Virginia" are now official maps in the game and can be played on official World in Conflict servers.

Be sure to click "HD is off" to view this video on Vimeo's website in 720p high definition

Paradise: A "World in Conflict" 3D environment by Dave Lee from Dave Lee on Vimeo.

World in Conflict was created by Ubisoft Massive. Images and video used with permission.